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The key to your success, and our exclusive focus is to do everything we can to help you create a learning and success driven environment.  There is not a successful team in existence who does not take time to practice, to review the basics, to insure everyone is up to speed on the new plays (products) and who does not have a coach to lead the direction on a tactical basis.  We intend to help you build and sustain that environment!
Jim Hughes, Vice President and Founder

We do not attempt to provide all of your sales/sales management training.  We can assure you that any investment you make in your sales organization will achieve a higher ROI after our engagement then before.  When IBM was selling computers for first time buyers in business, they had a saying that helped predict the success of their new investment.  "A good manual system led to a good automated system."  SLC's goal is to insure you have a good manual system in coaching and developing.  Once that goal is accomplished, you may require additional services.  We have lined up some of the best organizations in the world that can compliment and augment our initial work with you.
 Cargill Consulting
Since 1978, Cargill Consulting Group has worked with over 5,000 business-to-business sales forces. We recognize that sales -- in particular, sales management -- is one of the least formally controlled components of most business organizations.

While there are a myriad of schools to go to and learn how to become a marketing manager, there are none that offer a four-year diploma in sales management. That's right, take a look around your organization.
How many of your managers have a diploma in sales management with expertise in how to recruit, hire, train, deploy, and coach their team to higher levels of proficiency? In all probability the answer to that question is few, if any.
 Sales Progress
Sales Progress contributes to the idea of "Sustainable Training" by offering an automated tool.  "The Training Generator" takes the SLC Coaching Model and automates many of the concepts.
 Clarity Advantage
Clarity provides consulting, training, coaching, and communication services that accelerate bank sales to small and medium enterprises—and generate more profitable relationships—faster.

 The McGrail Group
At The McGrail Group, we work with clients to increase individual productivity, build organizational strength, and create competitive advantage.

Jim Hughes
Vice President
Jim is the Senior Partner and founder of Sales Leadership Consulting.  He began developing his knowledge of sales and sales management at IBM, and has been practicing and developing these skills for over 30 years.
His focus, in any role he has had, has been to create high performing sales teams in any industry and providing solutions to many different types of businesses.  In addition to managing direct sales teams from 7-15 people, he has also led sales teams of over 119 people.  His experience has been within  large accounts and the SME market, end user business and channels, Federal Government and prime contractors.  He has also led sales skill training for a team of over 600 people and Worldwide Sales Management Education for a Fortune 50 business and over 5000 sales managers.

Programs we offer
One on One Coaching
The ABSOLUTE KEY to success for this effort is to IMPROVE the coaching skills of all sales managers, at all levels.  Therefore, as part of our program we offer one on one coaching to managers when making their "Sales Call"

The Structured Sales Call
Many organizations have adapted a process or a format for sales reps to follow when making a sales call.  It always needs to be adapted ad it always needs individual style to be credible.  HOWEVER, the concept, when reinforced, helps sales people make more effective calls.
Sales Managers have "Structured Sales Calls," as well.  What is the format of your sales managers "Calls?"  When they finish a call with a sales rep, is there a standard "dialogue" they go through?  How would the customer react if we asked for the order before we presented a solution?  How would they react if we presented a solution before we had agreement on the problem?  Transitioning this process to a manager the question becomes one of expectation.  How does the rep respond to feedback on an area if it has not been identified before?  How does a rep learn from us telling them the solution to a sales opportunity without gaining agreement on what created the problem?
We will help reinforce a "Structured Coaching Dialogue," for your managers and you!